Affiliation Fee $250.00 per year

Affiliation runs a full year from the date of affiliation


 ʘ Guidelines, course book, producer’s guide, match software/ instructions, event sanctioning forms, and membership forms

ʘ Point tracking for all UMS members on a state and national level

ʘ Event promotion on the website

ʘ Support available 7 days a week

ʘ General liability insurance for UMS sanctioned events.


1) Anyone who would like to hold UMS sanctioned matches may affiliate as a match producer.  You do not have to have a formal club.

2) We reserve the right to approve an affiliate application. We may deny approval for any reason that we feel would be harmful to the United Mounted Shooters.

3) We encourage multiple UMS affiliates within any state/region. We expect affiliates to respect each other’s schedules and to work together when scheduling events.

4) In order to be covered under the UMS insurance, an event application must be submitted and approved by the UMS for each event. This includes all matches, demonstrations, clinics, practices and other events.  The United Mounted Shooters reserves the right to deny the approval of an event.

5) UMS affiliates who are dual affiliated are expected to promote the United Mounted Shooters at any United Mounted Shooters sanctioned event.

6) Affiliates should hold at least 1 match year.  Affiliates that do not may be non-renewed as an affiliate.

7) It is the responsibility of all participants to adhere to any and all federal and state firearm regulations.

United Mounted Shooters