United Mounted Shooters

​​​​​​The United Mounted Shooters (UMS) is a national mounted shootin​g association which was created to promote the sport through its affiliates and members.   Our goal is to enable our affiliates to provide affordable events where everyone has a chance to be competitive.   

​​​Mounted shooting is an exciting competition that tests your riding ability and shooting skills all wrapped up in one.   It is a high speed, timed spectator sport in which the competitor who rides the fastest with the least amount of missed targets wins.  The competitor must navigate through a course of ten targets.  The rider must shoot at 5 targets with one gun before re-holstering and pulling out their next gun for the last 5 targets.   Targets are balloons and ammunition is black powder blanks for safety.  The pistols are single action and .45 caliber. There are different levels for competitors based on age, mounted shooting experience and wins. There is a level for everyone, from the most experienced riders to those just starting out.

Mounted shooting requires skill in both horsemanship and shooting that is measured in the form of competitive events and is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in the nation. 

​​​​​​​Qualifications for year end awards:

You must be a member for that year. 
You must have attended a minimum of three shoots.  We will be awarding High-point on a National and State level.  All buckaroos that have attended 3 shoots will also be recognized.  Congratulations to all!!